Yep. C-Span seems to have this kind of thing on sometimes...I'll occasionally click the "Info" button on a C-Span program and see some kind of book discussion, roundtable or town hall with some very intelligent people. But then I remember it's C-Span and I'm not ready to go to sleep yet. » 10/20/14 5:17pm Yesterday 5:17pm

If I'll take that one up, I'd say with almost 100% certainty it's because of the controller. Now, I own a Wii and love it...but for some reason, nobody's managed to make a truly great FPS for the system. I don't know if it's because the FPS guru companies didn't think the Wii had enough of an FPS install base… » 10/20/14 4:53pm Yesterday 4:53pm

Eh, I'd say there are a couple of differences there. One, with Frozen, it was animated, so as much as you heard Bell and Menzel, you never saw them and nobody is singing in Once Upon a Time. As for the others...I'd somewhat understand this with the Trinity (i.e. Tom Welling as Supes in Returns would've been nice but… » 10/15/14 11:12am 10/15/14 11:12am

Old article and old comment, I know...the sentence I noticed most is that "most people don't do it by hand", and that holds true for quite a few mathematical fields. I struggled quite a bit with a quantitative research in communication/statistics course in college recently and it didn't help when the professor openly… » 10/14/14 7:33pm 10/14/14 7:33pm

I don't actually disagree with you; that's why I'd still say it's a great ending and certainly a powerful scene. It is entirely true to the character and the path he'd traveled, so I don't regret it in terms of feeling like it should've gone differently, just in the sense that I wish I didn't have to on a personal… » 10/14/14 6:55pm 10/14/14 6:55pm