I'm all for the farewell tour for Colbert, it's well deserved, but honestly for me I'm a bit sadder about losing the perennially underrated Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Stewart and Colbert (and Oliver) are obviously rather different but at least there are other shows in his general ballpark. NOBODY else on late… » 12/17/14 3:37pm Wednesday 3:37pm

As far as I know they can make it, they just can't sell it. If they tried making money off of the film they'd probably need permission from Rockstar. I'm not 100% on this but that's what I think I've come across when this has become an issue before. Now, even if they're not making money on it I think Rockstar could,… » 12/15/14 9:58pm Monday 9:58pm

It should be, but, to make a real-life comparison, someone in the military can shoot someone in war or a civilian can shoot their neighbor. Both cases count as killing but context makes one, while still quite possibly disturbing and difficult and with potentially fluid justification, at least more "acceptable" due to… » 12/15/14 9:15pm Monday 9:15pm

True, but all of those have been ported to multiple other consoles, including some portable ones and mobile, so they're playable elsewhere. IX and XII are still the only two tied to their original consoles, and therefore increasingly difficult to play. IV isn't particularly easy to get a hold of either unless you have… » 12/09/14 1:22pm 12/09/14 1:22pm

Eh I think you're overestimating how many people watch Arrow. It's successful...for a CW show. Which means not all that many viewers, big picture - it was the 128th highest rated show last year, for example. Sure there's more online and through Netflix/Amazon etc but the vast majority of people who go to see Suicide… » 12/09/14 10:09am 12/09/14 10:09am

She can definitely act much better than you might think - The Color Purple, Beloved and The Butler are examples - and sometimes that surprise works really well if the actor is willing to go with it...of course, we don't know if Winfrey is, but we'll see. Did you see Wanted? Hearing Morgan "Voice of God and March of… » 12/02/14 4:15pm 12/02/14 4:15pm

As a Warriors fan, I'd still say Memphis is slightly more surprising, and probably Toronto too. Golden State is certainly overachieving but the fanbase seemed to be fairly optimistic that if Kerr improved the offense, which was the plan, they'd certainly stand a very good shot at a Top 4 seed in the West and possibly… » 12/02/14 2:36pm 12/02/14 2:36pm

In slight defense, we're talking about broadcast television, where still very frequently we see someone playing a videogame and they're flailing their arms around and slamming on every button like they're having some kind of exorcism. Shows also seem to think every game still has levels to beat like an old arcade… » 11/25/14 8:24pm 11/25/14 8:24pm

I can understand that, but is a kiss on the cheek really "overly sexual"? That just seems like more of a quick peck, unless they're licking the cheek or something. In general, though, that's a sensible attitude unless the location calls for it, though everyone will have differing opinions on what counts as… » 11/24/14 1:35pm 11/24/14 1:35pm