Well, because for all intents and purposes he (along with IGA, also no longer there), has been: he’s been at the forefront of the creation for Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Zone of the Enders, and his group’s FOX engine powers the last few PES games. IGA spearheaded the last decade of Castlevania. » 4/27/15 2:31pm Yesterday 2:31pm

The best two explanations I’ve got for the Scotland scenes are a) presumably MI6 was under more scrutiny post-hearings and post-Q idiocy - which was, admittedly, stupid, but this is also a rookie we’re talking about - and b) they didn’t want to send in the entire cavalry for an unknown agent and run the risk of… » 4/23/15 2:05pm Thursday 2:05pm

Maybe the greatest alternate history possibility in gaming history: what if Nintendo hadn’t shafted Sony out of a deal and they’d ended up making the Nintendo CD add-on as originally intended? Does the PlayStation ever exist? Is Nintendo the most dominant company of the mid 90s and early 00s, as they were for the 80s… » 4/22/15 6:02pm Wednesday 6:02pm

It’s not specifically the Reptile Tower, just the Mortal Kombat 1 Tower. You have to be online and it’s the under Living Towers (the gold one), not just the single player traditional towers. If it doesn’t show up - and sometimes they won’t - just exit and reload them. » 4/22/15 12:56pm 4/22/15 12:56pm

While I agree, somewhat, in principle, considering they’re entirely optional things with no bearing on the match - and, at least offline, you can literally pause and look at the fatality - I don’t have much of a problem with this. Weird comparison, but I think of it like I think of items in mobile games like Candy… » 4/22/15 12:51pm 4/22/15 12:51pm

While I definitely think Floyd’s race plays a role in some people’s thought process, it’s far from the only thing. I’m young, black and frankly enjoy some personality every so often...Andrew McCutchen, Cam Newton, PK Subban, Lewis Hamilton, Steph Curry etc. As long as they’re not also busy looking like assholes and… » 4/16/15 2:58pm 4/16/15 2:58pm

You know, I can’t stand the Yankees and I’m not A-Rod’s biggest fan either, but I’ve increasingly believed he got shafted by MLB/the Yankees just as Bonds did by the Giants/MLB/pretty much everyone. So fuck all of them, an All-Star berth would be hilarious. I’m in. » 4/14/15 1:46pm 4/14/15 1:46pm

Ehhh...that still only works so much. I'm with Charlie in that I legitimately enjoyed the first Transformers and yet I have rarely been closer to walking out of a theater than during Revenge of the Fallen and I didn't have enough booze to get me through Age of Extinction, which I made the mistake of watching with… » 4/09/15 3:12pm 4/09/15 3:12pm

UCLA also carries almost unimaginable pressure. It’s not that Texas isn’t a pressure cooker in its own right...but it’s a football school. Barnes was there 17 years. Meanwhile, you can rattle off on one hand the other schools that would have as much basketball pressure as UCLA: Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, UNC, Duke. » 4/03/15 2:45pm 4/03/15 2:45pm

I'd contest that point, as Sean Penn is remarkable in Milk. Plus, seeing loud, angry Sean Penn go from something like Mystic River to playing Harvey Milk is even more impressive. Personally that year I would've given it to Penn by a nose but I openly admit that's also probably because Milk was my #1 movie of that… » 4/02/15 3:11pm 4/02/15 3:11pm