On that front, I've never understood why, at least in limited quantities, developers haven't offered models of new consoles with the old hardware crammed in, as you put it. Not as the main model but as a specifically more expensive model for people who really value backwards compatibility. » 10/31/14 2:24am Today 2:24am

A bit of background on the character and his creators: Static Shock was created by Milestone Comics, an imprint founded, owned and operated by a group African-American artists under the specific (and very true) premise that minorities are sorely underrepresented in American comics. Milestone created, in addition to… » 10/28/14 12:54pm Tuesday 12:54pm

Yep. C-Span seems to have this kind of thing on sometimes...I'll occasionally click the "Info" button on a C-Span program and see some kind of book discussion, roundtable or town hall with some very intelligent people. But then I remember it's C-Span and I'm not ready to go to sleep yet. » 10/20/14 5:17pm 10/20/14 5:17pm

If I'll take that one up, I'd say with almost 100% certainty it's because of the controller. Now, I own a Wii and love it...but for some reason, nobody's managed to make a truly great FPS for the system. I don't know if it's because the FPS guru companies didn't think the Wii had enough of an FPS install base… » 10/20/14 4:53pm 10/20/14 4:53pm

Eh, I'd say there are a couple of differences there. One, with Frozen, it was animated, so as much as you heard Bell and Menzel, you never saw them and nobody is singing in Once Upon a Time. As for the others...I'd somewhat understand this with the Trinity (i.e. Tom Welling as Supes in Returns would've been nice but… » 10/15/14 11:12am 10/15/14 11:12am

Old article and old comment, I know...the sentence I noticed most is that "most people don't do it by hand", and that holds true for quite a few mathematical fields. I struggled quite a bit with a quantitative research in communication/statistics course in college recently and it didn't help when the professor openly… » 10/14/14 7:33pm 10/14/14 7:33pm