I'll open with two disclaimers: a) I don't necessarily disagree with the idea that he should get jail time and b) I'm not a parent. But I've made this point with my own parents...thinking, "What if this was my kid" is going to make you inherently biased and, frankly, it should. But we can't make legal judgements… » 9/12/14 12:45pm Friday 12:45pm

Without going into a huge reply on this...I'm assuming you were at least somewhat familiar with the #YesAllWomen hashtag that was popular earlier in 2014? Many of the women who wrote on that pointed out that while they know ALL men aren't vicious rapists or abusers, there are enough, and enough that they presumably… » 9/10/14 6:22pm 9/10/14 6:22pm

I don't have the numbers on me right now due to being at work and frankly it's depressing stuff to dive into...but both with domestic violence cases and rape/sexual assault, most statistics have shown that "false positives" are extremely uncommon. Women aren't running around claiming these things happened when they… » 9/10/14 6:12pm 9/10/14 6:12pm

I suppose the issue in this case is those sources comments could've just come from a conversation and therefore there isn't any proof on their end. If you're going to burn a source you need ironclad proof, either in written or audio form, and probably from someone who's made a different public statement. If the… » 9/09/14 8:21pm 9/09/14 8:21pm

This is gonna be really random and entirely confusing if there's no connection, but did you do robotics in high school? My high school had a robotics team that went by the nickname "Cheesy Poofs" and I think this is the first time I've seen that phrase since then. » 9/09/14 7:41pm 9/09/14 7:41pm

I've heard not one, but two separate friends/acquaintances in different leagues talk about another owner (or, in one case, BE that owner) with a team named "Beats by Ray". One changed to it yesterday after the video broke. I think that might take the cake. » 9/09/14 6:30pm 9/09/14 6:30pm

I'd generally agree with this perspective, but pause a bit at someone like Craig or (if recent reports are true) Aaron Schock, considering their innately hypocritical actions against, as you said, those basic human rights. Is it bad to say that if you'd deny a group a basic right and you're a part of that group - and… » 9/09/14 5:45pm 9/09/14 5:45pm

I was actually curious enough to look into this a bit. To be clear, the "explanations" I'll type here are a) best guesses, I don't have many copies of Madden so I can't personally verify any of this and b) not meant to be justifications, just possible reasons on EA's end. Justification-wise, I tend to assume EA… » 9/09/14 5:10pm 9/09/14 5:10pm

Wait...you can't pause? I'll fully admit that I've never really been an MMO guy - first MMO-esque game, or FPS, that I've been legitimately interested in a long time - so maybe this has been the default for years and I'm just out of the loop here, but that seems really annoying. So what the hell are you supposed to… » 9/09/14 4:45pm 9/09/14 4:45pm

Oh come on...this is ridiculous. It's exactly the kind of story that would report a rumor as fact and everyone would accept it because it's the exact exaggerated complaint people have discussed without giving the idea a second thought. Just because the story feeds into your every complaint doesn't make it true. … » 9/04/14 11:44am 9/04/14 11:44am

I'll say that, regarding the whole "nobody talks about the good experiences" thing, that while you're somewhat correct, I discount that only because with other examples of "nobody remembers the good times", the consequences are far less severe. People only talk about the bad with cops because a bad-case scenario with… » 9/04/14 1:45pm 9/04/14 1:45pm

I've been working on a blog post for a while about the Doctor Who finales and how basically none of them make any damn sense...I'd say the one that comes closest to working is "The Big Bang" because at least the groundwork for the explanation (she's special because she grew up next to the crack in space/time) was laid… » 9/03/14 2:43pm 9/03/14 2:43pm